4 foolproof tips to turn your smartphone into a disaster

Yes, you read the headline right. Isn’t this what we are doing to our gadgets these days? Well, there might be a majority of readers here who might agree to the same, but even quick read of this post will open your eyes. Our gadgets like phones and laptops make our lives easy in numerous ways which makes it even more vital that we care for them in the right manner. To help you make amends with your mobile phone and keep it away from damage, here is the one list you need to read right now.

Charging your phone all night

One of the most common mistakes that almost all of us make is leaving your phone on charge all night. Well, this is usually a result of your carelessness and laziness which ultimately reflects this option in the brightest light. Leaving your phone on charge all night will lead to overheating and also have an adverse effect on the longevity of the battery’s life. Experts of iPhone repair in Auckland suggest you charge your phone at different times instead of leaving it on charge all night.

No tempered glass or hard case

If your phone is sustaining without a protective tempered glass and solid phone case, then this is not going to last for long. If your phone drops down a few stairs and breaks your heart along with the screen and maybe the camera lens too, then who do you think should you blame? Well, get your phone some protective layers today to avoid that situation.  

Keeping it on for days

iPad repairs in Auckland are pretty common because of the same reason. Like any other machinery, even your phone needs some time off from all the working. Switching it off even for a few hours will not only clear caches, but the phone will work smoother and faster than before.

Careless plugging in

Whether you are extremely tired or drunk, plugging your charger in a wrong way can be a big bummer. Broken charging port will land you up to the experts of Samsung phone repairs in Auckland. Instead of running around stores, make sure that you don’t plug in your earphones or chargers carelessly.

With this guide in mind, don’t be the foolish self that you have been for years and take care of your gadgets to use them for a prolonged time. Also, don’t forget to share the post with your other careless friends.