iPad not charging

Has your iPad stopped charging?

With regard to the problem of the iPad not charging, the very first thing one should do is simply check if the charging point is firmly in place or has gotten loose. Once you have established that this is not the problem, start by tapping the screen. Although this may sound surprising to a few of you out there, this is usually how you go about waking your device up.

Is it taking too long to charge?

Here is where you need to check all of your adapters and cables to see if there are multiple signs of wear and tear that are not visible at the first glance. This usually ends up being the case more than often. In other cases, one also needs to consider the aspect that you will need to try a different wall socket as well.

Got an alert that says your accessory is not supported?

That’s nothing too serious to worry about, at least not initially. A good and thorough clean of the charging point on both ends would be highly recommended. Plus there is also the fact that wall socket plug-in might not be working or too dirty.

Is the sound coming out from only one side of the headphones?

In this case, the jack of the headset will need to be replaced. It is rare that there will be a problem with your iPad in general. However, if the sound fluctuates or stops working completely, it is quite likely that there might be a software problem with your iPad.