iPhone not charging

Is your device charging slower than normal?

Contrary to popular belief, this problem does end up happening a lot more often than usual. Hence, the first step for you to take would be to check the charging cable and adapter for any visible signs of damage. Only once that is done and the cleaning of your charging point should you plug it into the adapter to see if it has made a difference.

Has your phone stopped charging at 80%?

This is the question of your device heating up too fast at times. Hence, when it stops charging at 80%, that is just the software of your phone employing a defense mechanism so that the battery lifespan of your phone is not compromised in any way. In that regard, try and charge your phone in a cooler location.

If you’ve been facing charging problems lately, have you taken a good look at your cables?

For the most part, people automatically jump to the conclusion that something must be wrong with the phone without really taking into account the fact that something is probably wrong the with the cable instead. Hence, do that first before trying to check and fix anything else. It could be that the layer around the wires could be worn out or the ends of the wire might be giving way.

Have you been getting an alert whenever you charge your phone saying that your device is not supported?

If that is so, there is really no reason to panic. More often than not, this ends up happening due to a dirty charging port. So all you need to do is give a quick, thorough clean. However, sometimes it is the case of the charging accessory being damaged or even non-Apple certified in some instances.

In a few cases, it is even the case that the USB charger itself is not designed to charge any sort of device. Hence, you will need to figure out which of the cases it is and make the necessary changes accordingly.

Has your phone completely stopped charging?

The moment the iPhone is not charging, this is when a series of alarm bells go off in the heads of most people. However, before rushing to contact Apple services, you would do well to try a plug your device into a docking station, computer or wall socket just to find out whether the problem lies with your device or not. Only once nothing works should you contact customer support.