Frequently Asked Questions

What Quality Parts do you use?

The quality of parts in the mobile phone industry is a minefield. We procure only new original parts**

Although more expensive, original parts have a better build quality, use original Gorilla Glass (on screens) & last about 3-4 times as long as a copy or aftermarket part.

High warranty rates, faulty parts & quality issues relating to copy/ aftermarket parts is not worth the trouble so it’s in our best interest to procure only the best.

How we send it to iRepair?

Just drop in at iRepair (391 Rosebank Road, Avondale, 1026 Auckland) or send it by courier if you are far out.

Are you experienced?

We opened our doors for the first time in  2010! Today we are very grateful to our thousands of happy customers, Business clients, and more than 37K Facebook Page followers. iRepair’s mission is to provide quality and timely service for your smart devices at affordable prices. All jobs are done under the supervision of highly professional & experienced engineers & technicians.

At iRepair, through a systematic mix of appropriate technology, parts, and expertise, we look at executing repairs instantly or within the passing of the first 24 hours from when your iDevice was initially handed over to us. This concept of quick and reliable iDevice solutions has helped us arrive at where we stand today – Being iRepair

What is the warranty on Repair?

All repairs come with 90 days warranty.

How long will it take?

Most repairs completed within 45 minutes.

Can we get loan phone?

The courtesy phone will be provided on liquid damage jobs and time taking jobs.

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