iPad/iPhone Not Charging – Fix it with iRepair in Auckland

Over time, Smartphones and Tablets tend to lose their battery life, and Apple devices are no different. If your iPhone or iPad is not charging properly or the battery is draining faster than before, you need help.

Get your iPhone’s battery replaced and enjoy your Smartphone experience like ever. At iRepair, we provide genuine batteries for all models of iPhone and iPad, plus zero installation charges for our customers.

If you are having trouble charging your phone, it may be because of the bad charging port or the charging cable itself, if not the battery. Speak to one of our experts to discuss problems that you are facing and get a precise idea of what’s wrong and how much it is going to cost.

iPhone not charging

At iRepair, we provide only top quality parts and accessories to maintain that excellent experience every Apple user deserves. Our prime motive is to ensure safety of your device and make sure the repair is done to the best standards.

Whatever may be the issue, if your iPad or iPhone is not charging properly or at all, we can fix it to give you your superior Smartphone experience back in no time.

Visit us today or get a free price quote over the phone or via email.

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