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iRepair is a leading computer and electronic repair specialist in New Zealand. Whether you need online assistance for software issues on your Macbook or a repair solution for a short-circuited motherboard, iRepair has it all covered for you. If you are a Mac owner, we are pretty sure you must have saved thousands of bucks, pulled off a costly EMI and what not, just to buy your favourite MacBook. Right?

Well, now imagine a bottle of soda spilled over the keyboard of your MacBook, you have already invited yourself a great deal of burnt savings. Period.

At iRepair, we provide a low-cost repair for all kinds of Mac Repairs and replacement. Our engineers on board will provide you with free assistance on all jobs guaranteeing the best quality parts for your Macbook.

Our in-depth diagnosis help us get to the root cause of the problems, allowing us to suggest an on-time, hassle-free and an efficient solution for the same.
Call us today at 021 247 4663 or fill up our online enquiry form for any kind of assistance related to your Macbook and other Apple products. We will be glad to be of help to you.

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