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Business Repair Program

Quick & Friendly Service | Local Experts You Can Trust



Why Should I Join?

Priority Service

Repairs completed within 45 minutes!

(Depending on complexity there will be cases where a repair takes longer and we will always advise you of the ETA prior to beginning the work)

We'll assess the damage and repair options free of charge with no obligation.

Simply send the device to us or bring it in for a quick and easy assessment on us!

Free Assessment

Free Return Shipping

Free overnight shipping nation wide!

Better yet if you don't live near one of our locations we can send you a courier bag for free to send in your phone for a free assessment!

We've Got You Covered

Liquid Damage

Some say put it in rice, others say the hot water cupboard. Best thing to do is get it to us immediately. The longer it's water logged the worse the damage!

Smashed Screen

iRepair's screen replacement is one of the quickest in Auckland. We can have your screen repaired in under an hour while you grab a coffee at the cafe downstairs!

Signal Problems

Signal issues are the absolute worst! Is it the sim card? Is it the phone? We'll test it and work it out for you. Either way we'll get you connected again.

Button Faults

Buttons are there for a reason and when they don't work it's really frustrating! Power buttons, volume buttons or home buttons, we got you covered.

Faulty Speakers

From the mic to the loud speaker we've got you covered. Bring it in, grab a coffee and let us get work. We'll find the problem and get it sorted!

Power + Battery Problems

Whether it's a problem charging your phone or the battery just isn't lasting we can help. Bring it in for a quick free assessment with no obligation and we'll get you sorted.


We've Got This

Whatever the problem we have the expertise to get you sorted quickly and professionally. We use top quality parts to repair your device whether it be an iPhone, Samsung, iPad, Macbook, Surface or any other android device. You name it chances are we can repair it.



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How fast are your repairs?

Most repairs can be completed within 45 minutes. We will let you know if the specific repair you need is going to take longer

Do you repair more than just phones?

Yes! We are well versed in device repairs of all types. Laptops, Microsoft Surface, mobile phones, iPads and tablets. You name it, we can repair it!

Do you use high quality parts?

Of course! We use the best quality parts to ensure a quality service and a great outcome. Issues relating to second or third grade parts is not worth the trouble.

How much does a mobile phone repair cost?

The cost varies depending on the kind of repair work required and also varies from phone to phone. We pride ourselves on the est prices around and we use genuine parts!

What if I can't get to one of your locations?

No worries! You can courier your device to us including the form below. Once your device is repaired we will courier back to you free!

Is there any warranty on your repairs?

Yes! Our repairs come with a 90-Day Warranty. (Excludes impact/accidental damage and services involving the logic board)

Get the ball rolling on your repair today

Our helpful device experts are ready to diagnose and resolve the issue you are having with your device. Cracked screens to mystery faults, we've seen it all and we can help!

Fill out the form and one of our helpful team will reach out to you or feel free to pop in to one of our locations in Auckland or Hamilton!