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Computer Repair


Repair it once and repair it well, that’s what we’re all about at iRepair. That’s why we offer a 90 day warranty post-repair, if anything goes wrong then it’s on us to fix it for you. We take care of all the common problems affecting Apple Macs, including bad batteries and cracked screens - we’ve seen it all! Talk to our friendly team today to get your Macbook repair sorted.

Our Computer Repair Services

Get your free Macbook repair assessment done at iRepair for the best Macbook repair service in Auckland. We source guaranteed quality parts to repair and replace screens and batteries for Macs and Macbook Pro/Air models. Book your device in at iRepair to ensure you receive a high standard of service using products that are designed to stabilise and prolong your Macbook’s life.

We Make Computer Repairs Easy

Laptop Screen Replacement

Get your screen replacement for Macbook Pro sorted quickly and efficiently when you bring it into the team at iRepair. We put our fine technical skills to use in record time to provide you with a Macbook Pro screen replacement for a cost you can’t beat. With a turnaround time of only an hour, drop off your Macbook for repair in Auckland at iRepair for speedy service. Can’t reach us in person at our Auckland and Hamilton locations? No worries, simply send us your Macbook for repair and we’ll fix it, then deliver it back to you with free shipping. It’s so easy to get your Macbook screen replacement sorted, there’s no need to put up with those annoying imperfections any longer!

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Laptop Battery Replacement

Has your Mac been draining the juice all too quickly? Over time, battery life for Apple Macs and Macbooks diminishes significantly just through frequent usage. To extend the longevity of your Macbook, it’s best practice to install a new battery. It’s so refreshing to install a Macbook Air battery replacement and witness the transformation for yourself, it’s worthwhile experiencing. At iRepair, we’ve been busy making the process of getting your Macbook battery replacement in NZ as smooth as possible. Wherever you are located, we’re ready to receive your Macbook for repair in Auckland. Our free, no-obligations assessment will set you on the right path to getting your Macbook Pro battery replacement sorted in no time. Get in touch with iRepair today to get your Macbook repair underway.

Common Device Issues

With over 10 years experience we have seen it all. Whatever the problem we can help!

Liquid Damage

Some say put it in rice, others say the hot water cupboard. Best thing to do is get it to us immediately. The longer it's water logged the worse the damage!

Smashed Screen

iRepair's screen replacement is one of the quickest in Auckland. We can have your screen repaired in under an hour while you grab a coffee at the cafe downstairs!

Signal Problems

Signal issues are the absolute worst! Is it the sim card? Is it the phone? We'll test it and work it out for you. Either way we'll get you connected again.

Button Faults

Buttons are there for a reason and when they don't work it's really frustrating! Power buttons, volume buttons or home buttons, we got you covered.

Faulty Speakers

From the mic to the loud speaker we've got you covered. Bring it in, grab a coffee and let us get work. We'll find the problem and get it sorted!

Power + Battery Problems

Whether it's a problem charging your phone or the battery just isn't lasting we can help. Bring it in for a quick free assessment with no obligation and we'll get you sorted.


We've Got This

Whatever the problem we have the expertise to get you sorted quickly and professionally. We use top quality parts to repair your device whether it be an iPhone, Samsung, iPad, Macbook, Surface or any other android device. You name it chances are we can repair it.


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Our helpful device experts are ready to diagnose and resolve the issue you are having with your device. Cracked screens to mystery faults, we've seen it all and we can help!

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