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Terms and Conditions



  • This website, irepair.co.nz, deals in all kinds of computer/phone repair and replacement. Please enable the access to cookies on your desktop for a better website experience.
  • Please read all the documents on our website carefully before availing our services. Also, read the terms and conditions before using this site.

Diagnostics and Repairs

  • Please avail an instant quote with us and confirm it for an efficient repair
  • We are fully entitled to use refurbished replacement parts when deemed suitable for our service.
  • Due to the design of the device owner at times might be able to observe slight variations of the device before and after it had been worked on. This is unavoidable. By submitting your device for repair hereafter, you agree that you do not hold iRepair Limited nor any engineer and staff responsible for this matter
  • iRepair will endeavour to contact the customer within 3 months. After 3 months, if pickup or delivery has not been arranged the device then becomes the property of iRepair Limited.

Fees and Charges

  • Full payment must be received beforehand with a detailed invoice delivered from our end.
  • All fees and repair charges levied on our services include GST, wherever applicable. Once we have accepted an order with us, we will not entertain any change in price henceforth.
  • We may charge you assessment fee on liquid damaged devices or where we need to spend more time

Payment Method

We accept payment through various channels like :Eftpos, Credit Cards, Cash, Internet Banking,

Billing (For Schools and Business Accounts)

You can also pay us through any other preferred mode of payment, as notified by us on the site from time to time.We will provide you a detailed receipt once the payment is received at our end.


iRepair Limited is not responsible for loss of profit or any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damage occurring during or after device service. By submitting your phone or device for repair hereafter, you agree that you do not hold iRepair Limited nor any of its engineers and staff responsible for this matter

We will not be liable for any kind of data or software loss during the repair. It is advised to bring your device to us only after you have taken a backup of all the data. While we have an advanced security system in place, we don’t guarantee that the site or the data on our website is virus-free.



iRepair provides a 90 days on all repairs (Excluding: liquid damage and logic board repair)

The warranty only covers faults of or caused by parts installed or the repair itself.Impact or physical damage voids your warranty



In case you change your mind and ask for a refund, such requests will not be entertained.

Once we approve your refund request, please cooperate with us and be patient as we process your refund amount.


Privacy Policy


We may ask for some of your personal and confidential information like :

  • Name
  • Company/Job (Optional: To mention on the GST invoice)
  • Contact Information (Phone number and Address)
  • Password/Passcode (Optional: To test the device before and after the repair)
  • Computer or Interaction Invoice and Fee Receipt

Although providing some information is optional. We only ask for details that are important for us to know for effective service and communication with the customer.

We guarantee not to provide your personal information to any third party, so rest assured of the safety and security of data shared with us. All the data shared on our website is privately secured ensuring complete safety of all the data and information.

We will keep you updated with the repair process once you have shared your contact details with us. We will appreciate if you would fill in all the details correctly. Please read all the documents and understand our services completely before processing the payment.
You have all the right to ask us for a copy of all your device repair information as and when required. If you wish to change or add any details for better communication from us, reach out to us at 09 820 9147 or drop us a line at sales@iRepair.co.nz. Contact us right now in case of any further query regarding our services. 


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